CrateDB Cloud allows you to define different user roles:

  • An Organization Admin can add/remove users from an organization. Admins can perform all the available operations for projects and services, and they have access to the organization's Audit Log. Each organization must have at least one Admin.

  • An Organization Member is able to view the list of organization users, but they can't edit, add, or remove users. Besides, they only have access to projects they are part of.

  • A Project Admin can add users to and remove users from a project. They can also perform every available operation inside that project.

  • A Project Member has read-only access to the project.

To check the role of a user, go to "Organization -> Users":

If you're an admin, you can change any user's role by clicking on the "Edit" icon:

You can also add new users to the organization by clicking on the "Add user" button on the right side of the screen.

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