Currently there are two ways to manage one's CrateDB Cloud account: via the CrateDB Cloud Console and via the command line interface (CLI), croud. However, cluster deployment is only supported if one uses the CrateDB Cloud Console.

The AzureAD service is a separate credentials service and not connected to croud. Croud supports organization and project management via a command line, but does not interact with the Azure service. This means one cannot authenticate through croud an account previously set up via AzureAD. 

If you only have an AzureAD credentialed account with an organization set up, and you nonetheless wish to do organization and project management through the croud CLI, please follow these steps:

  • Log out of the CrateDB Cloud Console;

  • Go to the signup page for CrateDB Cloud and choose Username & Password - instead of AzureAD - as the authentication method;

  • Create and activate an account;

  • Log out of this account;

  • Log in again with the AzureAD authenticated account to access the Console;

  • In the Console, add the user you have just newly created to your organization and make them an Organization Administrator (for reference on what this role means, see our Documentation on user roles); 

  • Log out of the AzureAD authenticated account;

  • Now you can authenticate in croud as the new user, who will have Organization Admin privileges for your organization.

Remember that croud cannot be used for cluster deployment or cluster management. Cluster deployment and cluster management are only possible in the CrateDB Cloud Console using previously created credentials (AzureAD or Cognito). For more information on authentication, please see the Documentation.

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