One way to deploy a CrateDB cluster on CrateDB Cloud is via the Azure Marketplace. You will need a Microsoft Azure account and an Azure subscription with a credit card linked to it. By using CrateDB Cloud's service on Azure Marketplace, your hourly usage will be billed directly by Microsoft and not by

Make sure you are signed up for CrateDB Cloud via AzureAD. To do so, follow the signup steps.

Deploying a cluster via Azure proceeds through three stages. First, sign up for the CrateDB Cloud offer via the Azure marketplace. Here you can choose the subscription plan that best suits your use case. Name the subscription and click on Subscribe

Next, once the offer has been created, go to the SaaS overview on Azure and click on the Configure Account button. This will take you to the final step, the CrateDB Cloud cluster configuration wizard. 

Go through the wizard steps, where you can name your project, your cluster, and set a username and password for access. Here you can also scale your cluster within the chosen plan. The cluster URL will allow you direct access to the CrateDB Admin UI for the cluster.

Deployment of a cluster may take some time. For a more detailed step-by-step description, see our tutorial in the documentation.

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