AWS is one of the two cloud providers supporting CrateDB Cloud cluster deployments. In order to deploy a cluster via AWS Marketplace, you have to create an AWS Marketplace account. By using CrateDB Cloud’s service on AWS Marketplace, your hourly usage is billed directly by Amazon, not by

Make sure you have signed up with a username and password for CrateDB Cloud via Cognito (Username & Password). You can do this by following the signup tutorial.

To proceed, go to the CrateDB Cloud offer page. On this page, go to Continue to subscribe, then in the confirmation page, hit Subscribe. A notice to configure your account will appear, leading to the configuration wizard.

In the wizard, choose a subscription plan that suits your use case. Then, name your organization (if you have not already done so), your region, and your project for cluster deployment.

Subsequently, name the cluster you intend to deploy, provide a username and password to access the CrateDB Admin UI for that cluster (through the cluster URL), and in the final confirmation page, click Deploy.

It may take a short while to deploy the cluster. For a more detailed walkthrough on deployment via AWS Marketplace, see our tutorial.

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