In order to deploy a paid cluster in CrateDB Cloud, open the Organization overview page in the CrateDB Cloud Console. It will look similar to this one:

Click on "Create new subscription". In the next screen, you will see an overview of the different CrateDB Cloud subscription plans. Choose your favorite.

💡 To read more about our subscription plans, click here.

Now, it's time to configure your cluster. In the next screen, you will be asked to define the name of your project. Your organization and cluster region are already pre-filled. When you're done, press "Next".

In the next screen, define the name of your cluster and the username and password to access it. For security purposes, the password should have 24-characters; if you don't want to come up with a password that long yourself, click on "Auto-generate password". A password will be generated automatically.

Finally, you can also set the scale unit of the cluster. Move the slider horizontally to move up (or down) the levels, observing how much storage, ingests per second, and queries per second you're getting. Note that this changes the price as well.

💡 Even if you're setting up a size here, clusters can be scaled up or down as needed later on. To understand more about subscription plans, scaling, and scale units, refer to our reference on subscription plans and to our scaling guide.

Once everything is ready, click on "Next" to continue.

You will see an overview screen summarizing your choices. In what respects to pricing, note that always bills for usage on an hourly basis, only billing actual usage.

The last step is to set up your payment information. Do not forget to tick the box that authorizes to take payments from your card.

You're all set!

Now, will now be directed to the CrateDB Cloud Console. A popup menu will remind you of the username and password you selected for accessing the cluster; make sure you copy this information to a safe place (e.g., a password manager), as it will not be retrievable past this point.

The cluster is now being set up according to your specifications. It may take a few minutes; simply wait for it to finish.


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